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Inkspot Awards and Honours

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Awards and Honours

Starting Point Hot Site (Dec.4/98)

Suite101 Top Five site (Oct/98)

Listed in A#1 Quality Directory

Awesome Universal Top 500 Netpointers (Sept/96)

Blue Plate Special Web Pick (95/06/04)

Blue Web 5-star rating

Book Stack's Novel Place (94/04/25)

Books A to Z Site of the Week (96/10/10-18)

Canuck Site of the Day (96/04/03)

CLICK Cool Site Award (Nov/96) for Inkspot and For Young Writers

Cool Site of the Day (Infinet) (95/04/22-23)

Creme de la Creme Awards (week of 96/09/26)

Cyberschool Magazine Editor's Choice Award (Overall Best Web Site, April 1996)

CyberTeddy Top 500 Website Award (Nov/96)

Education World "Best Of September" site (Sept/96)

eyeSITE of the Day (95/12/21)

"Family-Approved" by Dove Foundation

FIDO Blue Ribbon Site Of The Day (Nov.13/96)

GNN Select Site

Hot Click for May (The Spoken Word Network)

Internet Underground 'Best Of 1996' Award

Learning In Motion Top 10 Monthly Pick (April 1996)

4-Star McKinley Rating (top rating) for both writer sites

Medal of Excellence Award (Sept. 19/96)

Mecklermedia's 1998 Internet World Impact Award NEW

National Library of Canada has added Inklings to its collection

NBNSOFT Content Awards (96/02/26), Young Writers Resource Page)

NetGiver Award

NetUser magazine five-star rating (Dec/95)

OMNI magazine Omnivision winner

Ozarks Site of the Day (96/04/16)

Point Survey top 5% of all web sites

Reviewed by RadioOne (96/04/08)

Riddler's Choice site

Seeress of the Web's Pick (95/05/11)

Surfin' Pick of the Day (96/07/01)

Too Cool Site Award (96/04/01)

University of Michigan Clearinghouse choice

USA Today Hot Site (96/04/05-07)

Wave of the Day (95/11)

Web Pilot WINGS Medal (Nov/96)

Writers Edge Choice Award (95/09/18)

Zia Family Resources: 5 Star Rating (96/10/29)

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