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Write Magazine, 2001 Yearbook (Vol.I, No.5)
"The Write Top 20: Our Choices For The Best Writing Web Sites
Compiled and written by Elle Sheldrick

"#1: Inkspot, www.inkspot.com
This is probably the best all-round writer's spot out there. It boasts articles, news, classifieds and more. More importantly, it carries information on all genres, including poetry and e-zine publishing. It is definitely an all-encompassing site. I found it a little difficult to navigate, but worth the effort."

bLINK Magazine, February-March 2001 Vol. 3.2

Published by Earthlink. In the "Hot Links" section under Arts & Humanities, the first item was Inkspot:

"Inkspot is an online community for writers at all levels of experience. Join a community of writers where you can learn about and discuss writing tips and issues from censorship to character development. You can also sign up for the biweekly newsletter, Inklings."

Access Magazine, Jan.23-29/2000

"Get a cup of coffee and sit down. This creative, comprehensive site for writers has more than 1,000 pages of information. It's quite possible that everything you need, from guidelines to questions about agents, is right here. Information on different genres, a writer's emergency toolbox, discussion forums and the site's Inklings newsletter are available, plus there's a welcome area for newcomers. (4-star review)"

Smart Computing, Nov/99, p96

"This substantive site covers information about grammar and style and offers articles and links to resources for both budding and professional editors and writers. Users will find numerous links to sites that provide the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation, including some interactive sites with games, puzzles, and more traditional tutorials. There are plenty of links to columns, archives, classifieds, and other online resources for freelance writers, editors, and anyone else who writes or edits for a living."

Writer's Digest Magazine, May/99
Top Writers' Websites

Inkspot was chosen as one of the top writers' websites.

Sympatico Netlife, May/June,1999, p41
Sidebar entitled "Inkspot Turns Black". Sidebar about Inkspot. Excerpt:

"Inkspot straddles the line of what defines an e-zine. On the one hand, the award-winning site is a massive resource for writers, complete with lots of links, market information, inside dope about the craft of writing and discussion groups. On the other hand, it offers the periodically changed articles and columns characteristic of an e-zine. Writers and would-be writers can also subscribe to a biweekly newsletter, Inklings, which contains up-to-date market news, how-to tips, interviews, advice by industry professionals, and much more."

Rice Paper Magazine
Centre Stage in Cyberspace: The World of Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Interview with me. :-) You can see a cover/article layout here.

Writer's Digest Magazine: SITES TO SEE
INKSPOT: The Writer's resource

"This site is the Web home of Inklings, a great e-zine for writers. Subscribe at Inkspot and you'll get interviews, expert answers and market info sent right to your inbox. But once you're there, check out the Beginning Writer's FAQ, free Writer's Classifieds, Craft of Writing, and Networking Opportunity areas."

"Writers can be divided into roughly two groups: those who get paid for their work and those who don't. Inkspot is a resource center for writers either belonging to or aspiring to that first group. This may not be the prettiest site on the web, but it's got it where it counts. The quantity and quality of information of interest to working writers available here is substantial. The searchable database of magazine writers guidelines is worth the bookmark all by itself. Inkspot also provides discussion forums for writers, resource and market guides broken down by genre, a slew of advice columns and feature articles on both the artistic and business aspects of writing, classified ads and many many links to other sites. It's huge. You can also subscribe to Inklings, a biweekly email newsletter for writers. Want to do this writing thing for a living? Inkspot can help you."

The Writer's and Photographer's Guide To Global Markets
by Michael Sedge (Allworth Press, Oct/98)

"INKSPOT: www.inkspot.com. Offers the markets newsletter (free), Inklings, as well as interviews, tips, market information, and other useful information for writers and photographers."

PC Novice Guide to the Web: 2500 Best Sites, p108

"This is the write site for writers of all genres! Subscribe to a free newsletter, advertise your services or needs, network with other writers, read feature articles, get the latest market information about where to submit your work, and brush up on grammar and style. It also includes lists of associations, agents, workshops, conferences, and contests."

Writers' Journal, Sep/Oct/98
"Writers, Writing, and Written on the Net" by Patricia Faulhaber, p16

"One of my favorite sites is Inkspot at www.inkspot.com. You can subscribe to their bi-weekly newsletter which will arrive via your e-mail address every two weeks."

Canadian Screenwriter (premiere issue)

Inkspot Writer's Resources: www.inkspot.com
A great place for writers of all genres, and especially for new writers. Has a biweekly e-mail newsletter that is useful for trying to make a living writing rather than, say, bartending where we'd have to compete with actors. (from article by Karen Janigan)

Yahoo!Internet Life (Sept/98)

"Author Robert Cormier once said: 'The beautiful part of writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon. You can always do it better, find the exact word, the apt phrase, the leaping simile.' This site will help students of writing do exactly that, as well as acquaint them with more practical aspects of the craft, such as marketing their work."

Web Guide Monthly (July/98)


Business writing is a very valuable and often neglected skill. In addition to professional presentation and career development, good business writing skills can help you write letters of complaint to businesses, letters of query to companies, letters of argument to newspaper, and much more useful correspondence. Don't worry - we're not talking Pulitzer Prize-winning writing - just basica business writing that conveys focused information quickly and concisely. Resources For Business Writers is the perfect place to begin the improvement process on your writing. This site presents a wide selection of articles and essays that offer instructions on how to write memos, letters, and other forms of communication. There are links to the Association for Business Communication and the International Association of Business Communicators Wroldwide, and you'll fin da list of business writing workshops.

Content: 10, Design: 9, Navigability: 8, Links: 8

Writer's Digest Magazine (Feb/98)

"Check INKSPOT (http://www.inkspot.com) for links to writing-related sites. While you're there, subscribe to the biweekly e-newsletter INKLINGS. Each issue features market listings for print and online publications, as well as advice from publishing professionals."

Writer's Digest Magazine (Jan/98)

"INKLINGS is a trade newsletter for writers at all levels of experience. Debbie Ridpath Ohi edits the biweekly that focuses on 'how to' with specific examples, contact information and an emphasis on practical information. Ohi's open to a wide variety of articles in those areas. Articles about the craft of writing, marketing, publishing (from a writer's point of view) and specific genres are welcome. So are interviews with editors of well-established magazines and publishing houses, focusing on how writers can break into various markets. A recent issue included an interview with children's author Lee Wardlaw and an article evaluating the pros and cons of self-publishing. Current needs include articles geared toward more experienced writers on marketing and promotion ideas, and on using the Internet. The newsletter buys 50-60 manuscripts per year."

The Prague Post (July 20-Aug.5/97)

A good general site that deals with a wide array of issues and topics related to the craft and business of writing is Inklings, composed of information oon authors, marketing, networking, reference and discussion forums as well as a classifieds section. http://www.inkspot.com/inklings/

The Library Journal (July/97)

INKSPOT: Resources for Writers (http://www.inkspot.com). One of the best overall sites for all writers; register for a free subscription to the electronic newsletter "Inklings"!

Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages

"If you dream about writing, or if you write and you want your writing to be better or publihsed or just appreciated by others, it's all here! Get advice from professional writers and editors. Participate in chat sessions and discussions with other young writers. Find links to other useful writing sites. Submit your work to the Young Writer's Collection for Web publicationo. You may even get your first, paying writing gig by visiting the Paying Markets page. Capital!"

Freelance Success: The Marketing and Management Guide For Experienced Journalists (Jul/97)

Debbie Ridpath Ohi of Toronto, who writes young adult novels and designs Web sites, has two sponsors and 7,600 subscribers 17 months after launching her email newsletter ------- more -----------

Web Guide Magazine, premiere issue (Aug/97)

(p46) "INKSPOT http://www.inkspot.com
Inkspot, a mainstay of writers' resources, is in the process of moving to its own server at this address. This site remains a great starting place for literary explorations on the Web, with market information, forums, and articles. Inklings, a biweekly newsletter, is available via e-mail subscription. Jumps to networking, craft, genres, and reference sections work well and provide useful ideas on maneuvering through the Web's overload of writing-related sites."

Netsurfer Digest, July 12/97 issue

Inkspot is a cool Web site if you're a writer. This frequently updated resource offers market information and other key writer stuff in its biweekly newsletter, "Inklings". You can subscribe (it's free) at the site, search through an archive of back issues, and read articles about topics such as self-publishing and manuscript submission. Bookmark it if you want to be the next Hemingway."


Internet Underground magazine, May/97 issue

(p75) "Inklings is the Web version of a biweekly e-mail newsletter for writers. It includes reports about new resources for writers on the Net, market information, writers' tips, interviews, and how-to articles. Here you'll find the latest newsletter, as well as archives of anything you've missed if you're not a subscriber. The advice columns by professional writers are great help for those who are just starting out. There's even a section on how to start your own e-mail newsletter."

The Writers' Journal, Mar/Apr 1997 issue
Business Helps on the Internet, by Renee Wittenberg

(p.19) "The Inkspot offers a free newsletter, Inklings, that you can subscribe to and have sent free to your E-mail address. This writer's resource at http://www.inkspot.com/~ohi/inkspot helps you find up-to-date market information, writer's tips, and more."

ByLine: magazine, Mar/97 issue
The Write Sites, by Kathleen Hinds

(p28) "Debbie Ridpath Ohi's INKSPOT (www.interlog.com/~ohi/inkspot) has something for everyone. Fiction and nonfiction, romance, children's writers, poetry, contests, newsgroups, courses, workshops, and market information. Don't forget to sign up for Inklings, a free newsletter delivered right to your e-box. Check out Inkspot's clipart. Fun, fun, fun site! And educational."

www.4Kids.org, Dec.19 issue
(weekly feature published in newspapers across North America)

"INKSPOT: If you like to read, then maybe you like to write, too. Some kids turn writing into a lifelong passion, using their skills to tell tales, entertain people, and inform the public. If you want to learn about writing for cartoons, magazines, or the theatre, there are tips and tales here just for you. The Young Writer's Resource contains advice from professional writers along with a forum for young writers to talk to each other. It also tells you about writing opportunities for kids across the globe. Bring a pen and paper to http://www.interlog.com/~ohi/inkspot/young.html and find out if you're a poet or a playwright, or both!

Internet Underground Webguide, Issue 2

***** (top 5-star rating)
http://www.interlog.com/~ohi/www/ writesource.html

I would recommend this to any writer. There's information on all genres of writing from romance to technical as well as style guides and inspirational quotes. Kindred souls share techniques to beat writer's block. Learn how to network, market yourself and get an agent.

Canadian Author magazine: Finding markets online by Joanne Reid

"One of my favourite market sites is Inkspot's at http://www.inkspot.com/~ohi/inkspot/marketinfo.html. Debbie Ridpath Ohi, based in Ontario, pours a great deal of energy and expertise into Inkspot. As well, every two weeks, she delivers Inklings, a fabulous newsletter for writers. To subscribe, send e-mail to majordomo@samurai.com with "subscribe inklings" in the message body. Don't include any other text. Within twenty-four hours, you should receive a "Welcome to Inklings" message and the newsletter will start appearing in your e-mail box."

The Writer's Guide To The Internet
by Dawn Groves (Franklin, Beedle & Associates, 1997)

"There are hundreds of Web sites containing links for writers. It's easy to get lost in the mass of information. If you concentrate on only one site, eventually you'll add others once you know the lay of the land. Suggestion: The Inkspot, http://www.inkspot.com/~ohi/inkspot/ (Figure 3.2). This is an excellent site with comprehensive links to the most writer-related pages on the Web."

Zia Family Resources
5-star rating. "A bottomless resource. Among the resources found at this site are workshops and tutorials for writing, information (in kid language) on how books get written and published, on-line writing contests, E-zines by and for young people dealing with writing, links for parents and kids on other topics, and publications seeking kids' writing. Language teachers at all levels will find something of interest. If you only have time to visit one site...visit this one!"

Netguide Live
"Inkspot isn't a Rorschach test, but a site for writers, especially writers of children's books. It's one of those rare sites that manages to be sizable yet keep a personal feel throughout. The Morning Coffee section links newspapers, radio, and comics sections. Feature Articles give advice on how to get published. A Workshop section continues the pep talk with advice from conferences on how to avoid that dreaded rejection slip. There's even a section for writers who haven't even finished high school yet."

Resources for Young Writers
"Kids with creative spirits will love writer Debbie Ridpath Ohi's Resources for Young Writers site, part of a larger Web treasure called Inkspot. Comprising a clearly arranged collection of links to writing sites, Ohi's effort also includes tips from young writers and numerous links to kids' writing contests on the Web. "

Writers' Classifieds
"Fiction writer Debbie Ridpath Ohi, of Toronto, has created a simple yet well-organized message board for writers to market themselves. You can also post announcements and other writing-related information. "

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Blue Web'n Learning Applications
Inkspot: Resources For Young Writers
"Inkspot is a comprehensive Web site to support writers. One excellent page is this resource list for young writers. Topic covered include: featured articles slanted toward young writers, About Books and Writing, Publications about writing for Young Writers, Online Guidelines, Online Contests, Ezines and Online Writing by/for Young People, Tips for Young Writers By Young Writers, and Publications Seeking Young Writers.

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The Institute Newsline (from the Institute of Children's Literature) by Lizann Flatt
"Try Inkspot, created and maintained by Debbie Ridpath Ohi. Her site includes a directory of children's authors and illustrators online, articles on writing, conference information, online publications for writers, writers' groups, links to reference materials, and more. One terrific feature about this site is that you can subscribe for free to the monthly newsletter, Inklings, for all types of writing."

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Creme de la Creme awards, week starting Sept.26/96
"Unfortunately, journalism school no longer teaches (yeah, we are getting that impression) or explores the depths of writing. This site is timely in that it helps writers network and discuss the art of the "pen." Verbiage is the coin of the realm, creativity is the vehicle and the mind is the driver. (and you thought it was the dollar) This site contains few wasted words, but then again, brevity is a sign of genius. (at least that is what Forrest Gump told us) Speaking of which ... the creators of this site look out for the gullible ... Remember, if you will not buy a car from this man, why pay him to publish something for you? Duh!"

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Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, Sept/96, p74
"Resources for Young Writers provides a wealth of inspiration for budding authors. Read the FAQ file from misc.writing to answer questions such as "Do I need an agent?" and "How do I submit a manuscript?" You also can view a pictorial guide to publishing entitled How A Book Is Made from Harper-Collins. Kids wishing to share their work will want to contribute to Global Wave, an ezine entirely staffed and written by kids.

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The Net magazine, August/96, p82
"Inkspot and its print offshoot, Inklings, are resources for professional writers. With an incomplete but growing list of paying and non-paying zines and newstand rags, plus a free classified section, the site will be of special interest to freelancers. Also valuable are postings concerning online copyright issues, updated information on contest deadlines, and links to other genre-specific journals (Inkspot slightly favors writers specializing in children's literature). It's no competition for the hardcover standard, The Writer's Market, yet - not even close - but give it time."

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Netsurfer Digest, July 18/96
The Inkspot home page offers access to an online newsletter, a variety of writing resources, and information for authors of children's literature. As a bonus for parents and teachers, there is a link to resources for young writers. http://www.inkspot.com/~ohi/inkspot/"

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Writer's Digest magazine, Aug/96 issue, p40. "Working the Web" by Skip Press:
"...If you truly want to cut to the chase, try the Writer's Resources site on the Web at http://www.interlog.com/~ohi/www/writesource.html (or email morgaine@utcc.utoronto.ca). Debbie Ridpath Ohi set up this comprehensive site to offer on-site information and electronic links concerning workshops, copyright information, essays on writing, how-to information, grammar and style guides, inspirational quotes, multimedia resources, agents, contests, market information, publishers, booksellers, associations for writers, writers' conferences, mailing lists and newsletters, newsgroups of interest to writers, writers' groups, and university writing resources. You also get a free subscription to Inklings newsletter for writers on the Net and access to the Writers' Message Board to post information and questions."

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SCBWI Bulletin, April/May 1996, p7. "The Write Technology" by Bruce Balan:
Nothing Vague About This: INKLINGS

Inklings (ingk'ling) -n. 1. A hint or intimation. 2. A vague idea or notion. 3. A really great online newsletter.

SCBWI member Debbie Ridpath Ohi, creator of the excellent children's book writers resource website Inkspot (http://www.inkspot.com/~ohi/inkspot/), has created an online newsletter for writers of all genres. It's called Inklings and is delivered to your email inbox every 2-3 weeks free of charge.

Debbie says that she originally started her website for her own use and then figured others might find it handy as well. 'The Web is such a rapidly growing resource that it's sometimes difficult to find what you want without spending hours online -- hours that you could be doing actual writing!" she says. Inkspot contains links and information to make it easier for writers to find the resources they need.

Inklings is an offshoot of Inkspot, carrying the time-saving aspect one step further as a bi-weekly electronic newsletter. It's geared toward those who want to be kept up-to-date on useful writers' resources on the net but don't have the time to go searching themselves, as well as those interested in online markets. There are currently over 2,000 subscribers to Inklings with about 150 new readers coming aboard each week.

To subscribe to Inklings, send email to majordomo@samurai.com with "subscribe inklings" in the message body.

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USA Today's New and Notable "Hot Site" section, April 5-7:
WRITER'S INK On the Web, anyone who likes to write can get published. And there's lots of help for writers at the Inkspot - even for those who have an old-fashioned urge to work on paper than cyberspace. A freelance FAQ and a market guide are among the resources. http://www.inkspot.com/~ohi/inkspot/

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CyberSchool Magazine: Editor's Choice Award for April/96:
Inkspot is an excellent on-line resource for young writers. With articles on writing and screenplays, contests, Ezines, writer workshops and tips for aspiring authors, this website exemplifies high quality learning and educational content.

For those who've always wanted to write the great novel, an academy award winning screenplay or just improve writing skills, this is the place. Not only does Inkspot promote learning, it supports young writers in the realization of their dreams.

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Writer's Digest magazine, Jan/96, p49. "Caught (Up) in the Web" by Dave Schoonmaker:
"http://www.interlog.com/~ohi/www/writesource.html gets you to Writers' Resources on the Web, which covers our vocation by discipline -- from "Children's" to "Tech/Scientific". It's a great place to use to head off to other Web sites, and it includes thorough references to instructional materials, marketing techniques and resources, and networking with other writers."

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Magellan review, 4-star rating (highest): "For children's book writers and writers of all genres, the Inkspot site is a stellar resource. Simple, quiet, and nicely laid out, this page provides workshop information, networking and marketing tools, links to children's illustrators, and pointers to expansive pages geared specifically for writers in other genres. After visiting this page, writers have no excuse but to make some inkspots of their own."

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Point Survey review, top 5% of websites: "Inkspot is a mammoth list of links to resources primarily for writers of children's books: workshops, style manuals, trade associations, and publishers, just to name a few. This has plenty to offer kids, too, from entertainment to sound advice for young authors. If the business end of it all gets a bit heavy, site creator Debbie Ridpath Ohi includes quotes from other writers (Noel Coward: "I'm bored by writers who can only write when it's raining"), lists of online literary magazines, and a hefty selection of diversions, such as lists of bestsellers and award winners. Many other areas of the book world are featured here, including Horror, Mystery, and Romance, and Technical/Scientific, all with the purpose of helping you sell your book or other online writing. "

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