Nahanni River Canoe Trip

Sunblood mountain view
Hiking up on Sunblood Mountain.

Trip Report by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

You can read the entire report from beginning to end starting here, or can view individual entries below. Twelve people went on this trip, including guides from Nahanni Wilderness Adventures (Alberta-based) and Canoe North (Ontario-based). If you're interested in finding out more info about the Nahanni and canoe wilderness camping, see these related links.

Scanned photos are gradually being added. Many thanks to trip participants for contributing photos! Last update: Dec.27,1999.

Aug.16th Yellowknife
Aug.17th Rabbitkettle Lake
Aug.18th Tufa Mounds, first night on the river)
Aug.19-20th Flatwater paddle through Mackenzie Mountains
Aug.21st Virginia Falls
Aug.22nd Sunblood Mountain
Aug.23rd Figure Eight Rapid
Aug.24th Wedding Anniversary and Pulpit Rock
Aug.25th Pulpit Rock Hike, Deadmen Valley
Aug.26th Riffles and Kraus Hotsprings
Aug.27-28th Nahanni Butte, Blackstone Landing
Aug.29th Fort Simpson and home

Final comments
Original itinerary


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